Jamie Carragher pointed out that Rangnick was still work with the Red Devils.

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Ex-Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher considers it ‘absolutely ridiculous’ that. Ralph Rangnick continues to work with Manchester United next season amid speculation. He is set to take over at the Austrian national team.

         The German coach is set to step down as temporary manager of the “Red Devils” at the end of this season. Which will go up to take the position of the club’s advisor as agree.

         However, it was report last week that he will take over the role of Austrian national team manager. With Carragher stating that Rangnick is unlikely to be able to do two positions at the same time.

         “Raf Rangnick is not a real manager. He is the director of football UFABET. He’s someone who helps coach or build a club.” Jamie Carragher told Sky Sports.

         “Let me be honest, I really don’t understand. I don’t think you can manage the Austrian national team and work for Manchester United.”

         “He could work with Manchester United in that role… that is wrong that shouldn’t happen The Austrian manager shouldn’t be working part-time at Manchester United. That’s nonsense! You must choose one.”

In November 2021 Rangnick was appoint interim manager of Manchester United in the premier league. He will be in charge of the club until the end of the 2021–22 season. And will serve as a consultant to the club for the next two years after his contract expires. Rangnick make his debut in charge in the Premier League on 5 December in 2021. When United open Old Trafford defeat Crystal Palace 1-0.