Danger signs before diabetes

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Diabetes is a disease that everyone knows about. And most of them already understand that the cause comes from the habit of eating sweet food. or too spicy Including various flours And there is even more risk if the family has a history of diabetes in the past.

But what many people don’t know are the danger signals that will warn us that We are about to have diabetes. What are the symptoms? Is there a way to notice it? We have information for you.

Get to know diabetes

Diabetes is a condition in which the sugar level in the bloodstream is higher than normal. resulting from Lack of insulin hormone or the efficiency โปรโมชั่น ufabet of the hormone insulin decreases This causes the blood sugar level to increase. Which, if left for a long time, will easily cause the body to develop complications to various organs, such as the eyes, kidneys, and nervous system. Most of the food that we eat is The body converts food into glucose in the bloodstream to use as energy. The blood cells in the pancreas called beta cells produce insulin. Where insulin transports glucose into cells to be used as energy.

The importance of insulin to the body

As I said when I first started getting to know about diabetes, insulin is an important hormone within the body. Produced and secreted from beta cells of the pancreas. Its function is to carry glucose tears into the tissues of various parts of the body to burn and provide energy that is important for living life. If the body lacks insulin or insulin does not work effectively The body will not be able to use it. This causes blood sugar levels to increase, leading to diabetes. In addition to having abnormalities in carbohydrate metabolism There are also other abnormalities, such as the breakdown of fat and protein substances.

How does diabetes happen?

Normally, the occurrence of diabetes is related to a hormone produced by the liver, namely the hormone insulin. This hormone will transport glucose from the blood into various cells within organs throughout the body, such as the brain, liver, kidneys, and heart, so that the cells can use glucose as energy for work. But if the process of creating the hormone insulin is abnormal The liver makes less insulin than it should. Or some abnormality occurs that prevents cells from being able to use glucose. Although the liver can produce hormones at normal levels, Or what is known as Insulin resistant cells When both abnormalities occur It will cause a large amount of sugar to accumulate in the blood. This causes the abnormality to spread and eventually become diabetes.

Even though we know how diabetes occurs, What process abnormalities occur in the body? But the cause of its occurrence has not yet been clearly determined. But studies have found that it is a rather complex process that is caused by both genetics and the way we live our lives (Lifestyle).

What are the symptoms of diabetes  ?

The main symptoms that indicate a person is at risk for diabetes may include frequent feelings of hunger, thirst, and urinating in large amounts and frequently. There are also other symptoms, such as

-Tired, exhausted

-Dry skin, itching in the skin area

-Dry eyes

-There is numbness in the feet Or feel a sharp pain in your toes or in your feet.

– The body becomes abnormally thin. without being able to find the cause

-When wounds occur in various areas of the body, they usually heal more slowly than usual. Especially wounds that occur on the feet.

-Blurred vision in a way that cannot be determined.