How does AHA help improve facial skin?

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AHA has been mentioned for a long time in the beauty circles. It has a unique feature that helps shed old skin cells that have deteriorated. Reveal new skin body that is bright and smooth. Look younger, AHA acids are used as ingredients in many cosmetics and are also popularly used in clinics. And beauty institutes as well. Because there is very little irritation to the skin and when applied on the face. Will help peel or shed the top skin cells which look dull or deteriorate gradually. It comes off slowly…stimulates to reveal new skin cells below that look gentler and brighter instead. Including stimulating the creation of collagen under the skin. UFABET As a result, the new skin looks noticeably whiter and brighter.

How much AHA is appropriate?

For the concentration of fruit acids to give the above results. If it is in cosmetic products, it must be acidic and must have a concentration of more than 10 percent (20-70 percent). If it is concentrated, it will be more effective. But the irritation of the skin will follow. which should be under the supervision of a physician. But that doesn’t mean that we can only find AHAs from over-the-counter creams. AHAs can also be found in fruits and vegetables near us. Let’s see which fruits contain AHA and can be used on our face and body.