What is “coconut milk” made from?

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Coconut milk is a liquid obtaine by squeezing freshly grated coconut meat through a sieve or cheesecloth. You may add a little warm water to mix as well. We will get thick white similar to milk. It has a unique aroma. The first squeeze is called ” coconut milk “. The second or third squeeze is called ” coconut milk tail ” . Coconuts are commonly use in cooking and desserts. Most can be divide into 3 types:

1. Young coconut is often use to put into desserts. Such as bua loi, wet sticky rice, banana desserts, etc. Which will be cut into pieces.

2. Coconut It is use to sprinkle on desserts by scraping into strips. Such as banana dessert, nut baep, rice porridge with dipping sauce, etc.UFABET 

3. Mature coconuts are commonly use for squeezing to make food or desserts.

For mature coconuts to be grate and squeeze. Can be divide into 2 types: normal grate coconut. The black skin will not be peel off when is squeeze. So the color is not quite white and white grate coconut. The dark skin will be peel off. is white and suitable for making desserts that require whiteness.

“ Coconut milk ” is an ingredient in food that we sometimes see in savory dishes or in dessert. This might be the specialty. Because whether it is used to cook savory dishes. Such as green curry, thick soup Tom Yum, Khanom Jeen Nam and put in Ho Mok Or in the sweet part. Such as Lod Chong, Buad Chee banana, coconut milk jelly, moon sticky rice, etc. All help to make the taste sweet, mellow, and smell very delicious.