Gasperini shook his head, the team playing without impulse.

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Atalanta’s boss Gian Piero Gasperini shook his head on the team’s performance in the latest football game that could only open the home draw with Salernitana 1-1 in the Italian Serie A game on Monday night.

         Ederson gave the visitors the lead in the 27th minute of the game, which Atalanta had to equalize until the 88th minute, adding just one point. While the team desperately needs a win to compete in European football.

         After the game, Casperini saw that the team lacked spirit and intensity in this game. Unlike the visiting team who showed a markedly greater UFABET commitment.

         “We are a team trying to do everything we have. We can’t blame them too much. The rest I’m discouraged and that’s what I regret the most because we’ve always been strong in this regard.” Gasperini told Sky Sport Italia.

         “We adjusted the game and fought until the end. But it’s clear we lack the same spirit and intensity, Salernitana. There were goals and even at the end he showed more than us.”

         “We played to win but we conceded an avoidable goal on the first chance. We must always pursue That’s one reason, but there are other reasons.” Gasperini told Sky Sport Italia.