Harry Kane ignores the future, just focusing on pushing Hotspur out of the season.

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Harry Kane the Tottenham Hotspur striker at least gives the youngsters peace of mind. As long as there is still a contract left. He will create performances to the fullest of his abilities. As a professional without caring about how heavy the transfer link will be.

Kane is entering the final year of the contract. So many parties are urged to leave Spurs to pursue success elsewhere since the debut has not won a concrete championship with destinations. Such as Manchester United and Bayern Miwanik according to the situation closely. 

Until recently, Harry Kane the 29-carat spear came out to make Tottenham fans feel relieved. That they did not compete with the team in the summer of 2023. Wanting to bring the agency back to a great status first UFABET

He told Sky Sports.

“It’s been a tough season.”

“Maybe a few years back we weren’t where the club wanted to be. What is more important than anything else? There are internal issues that we need to sort out.” 

“We need to sit down and discuss the overall standards of the team and the training ground. That’s where we need to get back to where we started.”

“The club used to have high standards when Mauricio Pochettino was here. Therefore, it needs to be reconsidered internally.” 

“Club president Daniel Levy will decide what is best for the club. Considered by the head coach. Who you want to come in, who you want to leave – who you want to pull in.” 

“I always thought that you wouldn’t be far from being in a competitive position for success with the right operators. Similarly dropping to 10th or 11th in the Premier League. England is possible by the standard of the competition.”

“This is an important moment for the club, to feel the connection with the supporters again. Which is a group that I know is very upset about what we are doing right now.”

“We have to try to build that connection back. And try to push them all in the same direction.”

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